(14) CP3

I didn't want to presume that I was qualified to write about gangs. So, I'm posting a video today (aprox 7 mins. long) to give you another perspective on the Calliope, where I worked and where my students lived. I want to preface this clip by saying, please keep in mind that it is only one of many contrasting perspectives. Missing are the voices of mothers, grandmothers, children and the many men who never involved themselves in gang life.

What you are going to see is real and the life that my students experienced around them. The nature of the Calliope forced children to grow up quickly because of the adult language and situations to which they were exposed.

The documentary, Straight from the Projects - Rappers that Live the Lyrics, was produced in 2003, two years before hurricane Katrina hit the city. It is narrated by rappers Ice-T and C-Murder. C-Murder actually grew up in the neighborhood and speaks from his own experience. Both rappers give a glorified, yet no holds barred account of the CP3.

**Please be advised that scenes contain adult content.**


  1. Doesn't seem like the most conducive environment to a good education.

    Was C-Murder the one who wound up in prison?

  2. Yes, I believe that after a couple of different court trials, he was eventually sentenced to life in prison.

  3. Seeing Ice-T on an educuation blog was an unexpected treat. Its funny I know about some of these guys - C-Murder, Master-P, and of course L'il Wayne, Birdman, etc. These are big time hip-hop stars and from the same neighborhood where you taught. That you were trying to run a public education system in the middle of the chaos these guys describe is absolutely amazing. How did you do it?

  4. Things look chaotic on the surface, but the Calliope was actually close and closed community with its own set of rules. To be an effective teacher, you had to meet the kids on their terms.